Vitacup Genius & Mushroom Focus Blend Coffee 32 Pod Bundle | Energy & Focus |Superfood & Vitamins Infused | Variety Pack… Price: $34.79 (as of 20/06/2021 14:44 PST- Details)

🎉 VALUE PRICED BUNDLE: Pack of (2) VitaCup Coffee 16 Count Boxes including Genius & Mushroom Focus Blends for Energy & Focus
😎 GENIUS BLEND FOR ENERGY & FOCUS: This infusion of MCT oil, cinnamon, and turmeric is the secret weapon of the bold and brainy! This next-level trio packs a serious punch with properties that boost energy and focus.
🍄 FOCUS BLEND FOR COGNITIVE SUPPORT : Lion’s mane mushrooms is a natural ancient medicinal nootropic that supports concentration, focus, & memory.