Paraffin Wax Blocks, Paraffin Bath Bulk for Hands & Feet Heat Therapy Pain Relief, Paraffin Bath for Moisturize and… Price: $12.99 (as of 15/06/2021 13:17 PST- Details)

✅PREMIUM PARAFFIN WAX: The BlueZOO Paraffin wax refill consists of medical grade paraffin, evident in its extreme clarity in liquid form that can be melted multiple times without impacting product quality.
✅GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: The Creation Paraffin Wax is completely hypoallergenic. It is excellent for individuals with sensitive or highly reactive skin. It makes skin softer & soothes sore muscles and joints, great for arthritis, carpal tunnel, hand and finger pain, ankle sprains and strains, and foot pain.
✅MEDICINAL & THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS: Creation Paraffin Wax treatments have many therapeutic and medicinal benefits. The warm wax acts as a form of heat therapy which assists to increase blood flow, relax muscles, and reduce stiffness in joints.