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The Reason Cases Are Rising Among The Double Vaccinated – It’s Not Because Vaccines Aren’t Working

Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s chief scientific adviser, has announced that 40% of people admitted to hospital with COVID in the UK have had two doses of a coronavirus vaccine. At first glance, this rings very serious alarm bells, but it shouldn’t. The vaccines are still working very well. There are several factors at play […]

Should Fully Immunized People Wear Masks Indoors? An Infectious Disease Physician Weighs In

With the highly infectious delta coronavirus variant spreading at an alarming rate, the World Health Organization in late June 2021 urged people to again wear masks indoors – even those who are fully vaccinated. And on July 15, Los Angeles County, California, announced that it would again require masking up in public indoor spaces, regardless […]

Is Wine Good For You? 11 Surprising Healthy Benefits Of Vino 

Is wine good for you? Turns out, it is. According to research, drinking wine in moderation may be good for your health. Its benefits include better heart health, lower risk of developing diseases and long life. Read on to learn about wine’s health benefits along with the best wine brands you can get online. 1. Keeps your heart strong Red wine […]

What Businesses Need To Know – And Why They Should Have More Say

Imogen, a night club owner from London, hopes that COVID-19 “passports” could help with the return of customers to her venue. But the 42-year-old told us she is not happy about subjecting her customers to additional checks, and has concerns over a lack of clear guidance on their use. Imogen is just one of many […]

Is BBQ Healthy And Good For Weight Loss? Science Has The Answer

A good BBQ cookout is always something to be excited about. But did you know that aside from being a delicious way to enjoy your food, grilling also has surprising health benefits?  Aside from being a healthier way to cook your food, it can also help you lose weight. BBQ and Weight Loss: An Unlikely Combination We know what you’re […]

Are Wireless Earbuds Bad For Your Brain And Hearing?

While wireless earbuds make taking calls, watching videos and listening to music on the go more convenient, can these earbuds be bad for your hearing? Here’s what you need to know.  The Rise of Wireless Earbuds Since its launch, Apple has sold 100+ million AirPods, making it the most popular wireless earbuds globally. In the years that […]

Lambda Variant Is Now In 29 Countries, But What Evidence Do We Have That It’s More Dangerous?

Peru has the highest number of COVID deaths per capita, by far. For every 100,000 of the population, 596 have died of COVID. This is almost double the next hardest-hit country, Hungary, which has 307 deaths per 100,000 people. There are many reasons Peru has fared so badly in the pandemic. They include a poorly […]

Seven Reasons Mask Wearing In The West Was Unnecessarily Delayed

Masks help prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, yet masking policies in the west have featured some spectacular policy wrong turns. Here are some. 1. Ignoring Asia Early studies showed that countries (mostly Asian) that made mask-wearing mandatory within 30 days of the first case emerging had dramatically fewer COVID-19 cases […]

12 Best Healthy Outdoor Activities For Kids This Summer 2021

Have you been hearing your kids say, “I’m bored” more often this summer? You’re not alone. Due to the limitations brought about by the pandemic, everyone’s bound to get bored, including kids. Past summers were spent playing outdoors with friends, exploring, riding bikes or swimming. But aside from the pandemic, kids today have also become heavily dependent on gadgets for entertainment. Take […]